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Training An Former Race Horse

Most people think that a race horse that has been retired doesn't have any value anymore and should be put out to pasture - meaning cannot ride anymore. Some people think other wise. Some believe that ex-race horses can be trained to make good riding horses instead.

While some people may frown at the idea, many think that it can be possible since race horses are used to carrying a load on their backs and that it is going to be a small change for them.

What people need to realize is that converting a race horse into a riding horse needs the careful care of an experience rider and not that of an amateur.

When training an ex-workhorse, one should expect training a race horse into another line of work is going to be different for the training of the horse is already deeply ingrained and could take time in removing the previous conditioning.

One of the obstacles that could face the horse is that race horse are used to only running for short periods at a time and not for prolonged times. Likewise, they are used to carrying jockeys of the same size and might have trouble identifying the different types of people they would have to carry. The best way to train the horse would be to take it day by day.

Although it may be asking too much for the horse to do ridden work, most ex race horses are extremely fit due to their previous training and could easily adopt to the work load but might have problems adjusting to the pace of the work.

One major thing to consider is the endurance build up of the race horse since they are used to quick bursts of speed and nothing else. Gradual endurance training is needed so that the horse may build up the endurance system.

The last thing trainers have to do is remove the training of race horses to speed up when they are given a tighter reign of command, Racehorses know the feeling that when the pressure is up, the reins are tighter and when this is done the horse has the tendency to speed up and run even faster.

One of the last things that trainers have to do is keep the racehorse away from the tracks for it may bring back memories of their old life and revert back - ruining the hard work don't to convert the horse to a riding horse.

One should train the horse in quiet areas since the track is normally a place that has roaring crows and loud speakers blaring all the time.

Basically, the training of the horse should be one as far from the track as possible, and any references made to the previous life should be avoided.


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